About Us.

We aim to provide a pleasant postpartum experience for your family, to make confinement as fuss-free as possible.

New mommies or not, having a young one can be overwhelming especially in its early stages. Let us help you settle in with this brand new identity, and to help foster a precious mother-child bond. A good relationship between mother and child from early on is crucial as a stepping stone for a much deeper connection in the future.

Our professional help will alleviate your concerns and allow you to be well-rested. We want our new mothers to be optimal in physical, mental and emotional health while caring for their little ones.

Why Us?

Confinement oasis

- Retreat for both mother and child.
- Huge bungalow lot with more than 10,000 square feet of land area.
- Our prime location provides peace and lush greenery for your recuperation.
- Ample parking space available.

Maternal comfort & privacy

- All air-conditioned spacious private rooms
- Ultimate privacy for your personal breastfeeding and leisure time
- Quality furniture for comfort

24/7 nursery care

- Round the clock supervision
- Quarantine room for unwell babies
- Strict operating protocols in all aspects of care (bathing, feeding and handling)

Stringent security policy

- 24/7 operated security surveillance & alarm system
- Security door lock for nursery
- Fixed daily visiting hour

Nutritious & ethically sourced food

- Wholesome and healthy meals
- Prepared with love by our passionate cook

Health & Well-being

- Bi-weekly nurse visit to check on mummy & baby
- Monthly bed cleaning using Rainbow® Cleaning System
- Coway™ air purifier in nursery
- Coway™ water filter dispenser in nursery & pantry

Daily recording of baby's activity

- Precise recording of daily baby's growth & outputs
- Hardcopy of baby recording will be given upon request

Services for mother & baby

- Postnatal massage & tungku (hot stone massage)
- Hair wash for mother
- Baby hair shaving & nail cutting

44828454 - the word workshop against tools and notepad on wooden background

FREE workshops

- Join our monthly workshop conducted by qualified trainer
- Learn new knowledge during confinement period
- Lactation & activity workshop

Want to know more about our center?

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